You're my hyperlink Baby
You're the icon of my screen.
You've such an appealing interface.
You're the applet of my dreams.

You were dragged and dropped
from a one stop shop
on life's information superhighway,
but now you're compressed on my hard disk space
in gigabyte domains.

I was interrupted by your kiss
from an ethereal http address;
now I'm pixelated and resonating
in waves of data streams.

At first I thought your file transfer protocol
left a lot to be desired,
encrypted as it was in some acrobatic dots;
macroviral bullets in disguise.

But soon I was upgraded
to your cute little modem ways
and quickly learnt to navigate
round your worldwide cyberspace.

And when your browser adjusted
to suddenly download on me,
the shockwave of on-line jamming
brought me to html ecstasy.

Now sometime in the third millenium
down that old Feng Shui way,
we'll scroll bar through our floppy discs
down microsoft's sweet memory lane,

to remember how late one Valentine's Eve,
back in nineteen ninety eight,
two half hearted clicks on some j.peg. gifs,
fused our anima and animus together.

From my first published poetry collection called Floating in The Blue
Palores Publications 21st Century Writers, August 2007. (ISBN 978-0-9556682-0-3)

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