Home from Spain

I spoke to my friend Marj on the phone this evening. She has been back from Spain a week now and we had a great chat. The photo shows the colour of the sky in Cornwall today !!
She reminded me of my poem Home from Spain ( from the collection Siempre Siempre Siempre) so as the weather has been absolutely rotten today,it seems appropriate to include the poem here.

Home from Spain, like all summers, quickly over,
I’m back to fractured faces imploding in familiar places
imprisoned in the greyest days of everlasting rain.

Nostalgic for scents of olive groves and almond trees
in unchained dreams returned to turquoise seas.
There, warm air embalms me, calms me;
campo walks, morning cordatos, el paseo.

The craggy mountain views and peaks
guide me past my cold solitude,
to find poetry of the blood red soul
jetting out from my veins.

Remembering the taste of your air,
the secret warm softness of the heart
standing in the rippling wake of your waterfalls;
a welcome trembling flows over my soul,

I am dancing and leaping now
into the vertical labyrinths,
into the rhythmic flow of past generations,
to speak different languages
to try and utter the same things.

Despite borders between countries and cultures
we would want to say in each others tongue,
the best words; to conjugate
our intellect, emotions, head and heart.

Transplanted from yesterday’s treasures
we will create a better tomorrow,
from those ancestors still lying dismembered
in the fields; just lying there crumbled
in the cup and in the ring, que sera sera.

( copyright held by the author Philomena Ewing )

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