A bit about my poetry

Here is some of my own art work that is in my first published volume of poetry called Floating in the Blue.

It is part of a series called Palores Publications 21st Century Writers Series.

This promotes not only the award winning work of established writers but also nurtures the writing of new and unpublished authors, giving them the opportunities to find the audience they need.

When I first showed my poetry to people they said how much they like the art work too which came as a pleasant surprise as I have never thought I was that good at it, but I do think visually when I write.

       My second volume of published poetry called Siempre Siempre Siempre is illustrated with photos taken in Spain and builds on my love of Spain and its people.

It takes the reader on a journey through the outer and inner terrain of Spain in an immediate and visually sensual way.

The poems invoke memories and presences through the

explosive beauty and  rich diversity of Spanish life.

I placed myself in the presence of paradox of time and place to

celebrate the way that Spain offers insight into the self, through

its vivacity and passionate engagement with past and present  life.

One of the poems "In the Gardens of Spain " appeared in the magazine Aesthetica in Feb/March 2008 Issue 21 as part of a collection of some of the best new writing in the UK.

Other publications where my poetry has been published include

Coffee House Canada and Poetry Monthly,
Seventh Quarry Poetry Magazine ,
Decanto Poetry Anthology and
Poetry Cornwall.

If you do want copies you can get them from Palores Publications, 11a Penryn Street, Redruth, Cornwall. UK TR15 2SP or from Amazon, both priced at £5.99.

There is no money in writing poetry so I don't  make a living from it !!

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