Nice weekend

Went down to St Ives on Friday.
The internet connection was smooth.
We are now able to surf : - without any wet suits !

We had a fine lunch on Saturday at The Food Room in the Digey. Posh French visitors have been heard to ask directions to the DeeJay but Cornish people pronounce it properly as The Die-Gee. No beach weather this weekend but it has been lovely to stroll around. St Ives is crowded now and sometimes I wish they would all go home so we can have our town back to ourselves. Even though the tourists bring much needed income the incessant hordes can make a person weary.

Then we went to the Galerie Pilar at Lelant on Saturday afternoon. We know the owner Paul Wingett , an American who has exquisite taste in art and the house is open to the public. The Sculpture Garden is well worth a visit and it is packed with exciting and quirky objects. My favorites are by a sculptor called James Barnsley whose work is deceptively simple using glass fibre poles but are mesmerisingly beautiful-see the photos.
You can check out the website link for the Sculpture Garden and also for other works of Galerie Pilar in Penzance by clicking here

Sunday we went to Mass at our Church of the Sacred Heart and St Ia and then after a lovely cream tea at the house and more strolls we came back home.

St. Ia was one of a group of Irish missionaries who came to Cornwall about 460 A.D. The saint found herself separated from her companions, but after praying she spotted a coracle, (some legends tell of an enormous leaf), which carried her safely to the port of Hayle. She built an oratory in St. Ives, now the site of the present Parish Church. St. Ia worked hard to foster the Christian faith in this part of Cornwall. She was martyred with several other missionaries on the orders of Theodoric, a local chieftain who had a castle in Hayle. Her relics were placed in the oratory which she had founded. During the fifteenth century a new Parish Church was built and her relics were laid there.

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