In Search of Flannery O Connor

Click here for link to this New York Times Article on the writer Flannery O'Connor

and click here for a great commentary on her writing and life.

A few quotes here to whet your appetite ......................................

“Ignorance is excusable when it is borne like a cross, but when it is wielded like an axe, and with moral indignation, then it becomes something else indeed.” – Flannery O’Connor

“I think that the Church is the only thing that is going to make the terrible world we are coming to endurable; the only thing that makes the Church endurable is that it is somehow the body of Christ and that on this we are fed. It seems to be a fact that you suffer as much from the Church as for it but if you believe in the divinity of Christ, you have to cherish the world at the same time that you struggle to endure it.”

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