Hans to the Rescue

Hans Kung was one of the people who brought me back to the Catholic Church in my early twenties after I had gone through a few years of disillusionment with the institutional Church.

 I remember buying  his book On Being a Christian with the thought that if this famous theologian couldn't explain things properly then all my own strivings  were probably going to be a  waste of time. 

It was a difficult but ultimately rewarding book and I have always remained a fan.

I don't agree with everything he says but I do respect him.

When Cardinal Ratzinger became Pope,  Hans appeared to warn us all of how dangerous Pope Benedict might be.
Hans Kung was a fellow lecturer and Professor alongside Ratzinger at Tubingen University and he probably more than anyone else was aware of  what Ratzinger was like as a man , how he might be as a Pope and where he might want to lead the Church.

Now , 78 year-old Kung described the Catholic Church as the “unrequited love of his life.” and after a fairly long period of silence he is now speaking openly again and not holding back on his views of Pope Benedict.

This article below in Tuesday's Guardian is his response to the latest move by Rome to invite Anglicans to Rome.


There are some objectionable elements in H. Kung's piece. Nevertheless, it is a powerful attack on the present wretched Pope from a great Catholic.

The second link below is the same article but with links to the Wednesday section of the Guardian Comment and Debate Section  with  readers comments added.


Just after I posted this I came across this on the web : The Vatican have reponded swiftly !!

Vatican newspaper denounces Hans Küng for criticism of Pope

The Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has criticised the Swiss-born Roman Catholic theologian Hans Küng after he accused Pope Benedict XVI of an "unecumenical luring away" of discontented Anglicans by setting up a special structure to admit them into the Catholic Church.

So it looks as if the gloves are off !!

I will be back with more posts on this soon !

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