Hard Rain Project

In my last post I put the lyrics to A Hard Rains Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan with a video link to Dylan singing it in 1971 in The Concert for Bangladesh.
Why this song ?

I was listening to the BBC World Service last night and it featured this story of the Hard Rain Project linked to the song.It takes each line of the song and couples it to photographs taken by environmental campaigner Mark Edwards.

This collection of photographs has been seen by over 12 million people around the world. The video is just short of 4 minutes long.

Mark Edwards delivers his startlingly original presentation examining the issues illustrated in Hard Rain.

A moving and unforgettable exploration of the state of our planet at this critical time, the presentation shows that the world has little chance to solve poverty, the wasteful use of resources, habitat and species loss, and the summation of our problems, climate change, unless we tackle all of them together.

Below is a link to the Hard Rain Project website



The Hard Rain exhibition opened at St Martin-in-the-Fields on Sunday 25 October, and runs until 31 December. The exhibition will also be on display at Manchester Metropolitan University from Monday 23 to Friday 27 November, and Mark gives the documentary presentation on Thursday 26 November.

Hard Rain exhibitions are also planned in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Delhi, Melbourne and Mumbai.

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