Avatar : To see or not to see ??

I am way behind on seeing the latest films and the one that seems to be the must see of the moment is Avatar. Even though it has been on release for a month or so the snow and bad weather has meant that many in the UK are only now managing to get to see it.

Today it was revealed that the film is the largest grossing film ever so it must have something about it. (1.85 billion dollars worldwide !!- Wow !! Just think what that sum could do for Haiti.

To be honest the small scenes that have flashed by on the TV are intriguing and many people say that the groundbreaking visual spectacle of the film alone is so brilliant it should be seen.

I read somewhere that some people have become depressed after seeing it because the real world seems so gray.Some people become low after dwelling on the damage that us humans have wreaked on our planet compared to the wonderful world inhabited by the blue Navi natives.

Then I came across this article and the many accompanying comments are also of interest. It also gives the whole plot line of the story away so be warned .............................
The article  from The New York Times written by David Brook that criticises Avatar is here

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