Fancy a Good Read ?

It is quite a while since I came across a book that I really wanted to read and this one by Sarah Bakewell that was reviewed on BBC Radio 4 this week seems to fit the bill nicely.
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne lived from 1533-92 and was perhaps "the first truly modern individual". ( Well that is what the author of the book says ...... mmmm...... debatable .......

Montaigne was a nobleman, public official and wine grower and wrote free roaming explorations of his thought and experience unlike anything written before : some might say he was a Renaissance blogger !!
He called them essays , meaning attempts or tries. Into them he put whatever was in his head: his tastes in wine and food, childhood memories, the way his dog's ears twitched when it was dreaming as well as the appalling events of the religious civil wars raging around him.
The Essays was an instant bestseller and over four hundred years later, Montaigne's honesty and charm still draw people to him.

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