O Pilgrim of the Hours

Macrina Wierderkehr in her poem O Pilgrim of the Hours expresses beautifully the hope I have to think differently this year.

Each morning
night’s curtain
opens on a new day.
You are invited
to join the great opening.
Open your ears.
Open your heart.

Open your eyes
to the sacred path
you travel every day,
the path of the hours.

Greet the hours
with joyful awareness.
Greet the hours
with faithful presence.
Greet the hours
with a reverential bow.
Greet the hours
with a sacred pause.

Reverence each hour
as a small steeping stone
on your pilgrimage
through the day.
Receive the gift
of seven sacred pauses.
practice waking up seven times a day.

(Macrina Wiederkehr (2008), Seven Sacred Pauses, Notre Dame: Sorin Books, 16-17).


claire bangasser said...

Blue Eyed friend, I found Macrina Wiederkehr's blog.
I just thought you might enjoy going there :-)

Philomena Ewing said...

Many thanks for the link Claire and it is good to see you dropping by.
Hope your New Year is going OK- weather in the UK is pretty snowful but Cornwall has not had it too bad .... so far.
Best wishes