The snow is still here and we are bracing ourselves for some more on Sunday and possibly Monday.


it's margaret said...

Hi! it's margaret here, from leaveitlay. Thank for visiting!

Yes, my father's family originated from Cornwall. The Hambly's were from around Trevythyn (?) parish area --Kenwyn, Truro and there abouts, listed in the DoomsDay book too as D'Ambly... Tregavthen Manor (?) --not their house, just lived there... got a couple drunks and saints in the ol' family tree in that area. I have never visited--but would love to!

A long line of miners --we left in the 1820s when the mines started to flood. Went to Brazil to extract things from the earth there --then on to California in the goldrush of 1849 --they settled there in the San Francisco area. There were many areas that folks from Cornwall went --California being one, Mineral Point Wisconsin being another....

Many blessings on you and your poetry!

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Margaret,
My partner Colin who is Cornish was fascinated by your post and he said he will reply to you as he knows more about Tregavethen than me !!
This where the internet comes alive dont ya think ??
I wish you and your family a great New Year and look forward to exchanging comments.