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This is just one example of a blog from someone in the thick of things in Haiti. The link is at the bottom of this post.

No doubt there are others. This one just caught my eye. The main TV news is just too vast for me to take it in and his blog helps me to relate to things on a smaller more personal scale, even if it is just a tiny fragment of the whole picture.
Father Marc Boisvert,is a Catholic priest and the founder and director of Pwoje Espwa in southern Haiti.
In 1998 he rented a small house and filled it with street orphans and needy children. Now there are over 600 children living on a huge property outside the city of Les Cayes. The word Espwa means "Hope".

There are two schools, a carpenters' workshop, an agricultural center, a small medical facility, an all-purpose space for chapel services, theatre productions... In eleven years he and his team turned the lives of these children around. 
Please watch this video. It is amazing work and I am very saddened to think of the destruction these poor people are experiencing now.

(The word PaP referred to in his blog stands for Port au Prince : the capital of Haiti ).


Blogger have put a widget embed code  that people can put on their blogsites to support the effort to raise money for donations to The International Red Cross.(Mine is on the left margin.) You can get the widget by going to Blogger Buzz.    CLICK HERE

Another fine organisation on the left margin that are worth supporting is Doctors without Borders. ( They are also known as Medecins Sans Frontiers.
They are an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. They are committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender and also to raising awareness of the plight of the people we help

CLICK HERE for direct news on what they are doing in Haiti.

also have mobilised resources to help and are donating $1 million dollars to help organisations provide relief : Click here for their crisis response and more ways we can help.



Donations to the DEC Haiti appeal can be made by calling 0370 60 60 900, through the website or over the counter at any post office or high street bank, quoting Freepay 1449.
Cheques payable to DEC Haiti Earthquake can also been sent to PO Box 999, London, EC3A 3AA.

There will inevitably be huge difficulties getting AID agencies and rescue teams through to where people are and the agony of their waiting for help to get to them is unbearable to think of.
But, help will arrive and we must be hopeful that people will get support as soon as possible.

Also click here for a daily photographic update on the situation from The Boston Globe.

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