More On The Theme of Forgiveness

This is a sample from Author Anne Michael's writing which links into the theme of forgiveness

"Only real love waits while we journey through grief.
That is the real trustworthiness between people.
In all the epics, in all the stories that have lasted through many lifetimes, it is always the same truth:
love must wait for wounds to heal.

It is this waiting that we must do for each other,
not with a sense of mercy,
or in judgment, but as if forgiveness were a rendezvous.

How many are willing to wait for another in this way? Very few."

Over at The Church Whisperer the post by Blake Coffee titled Forgiveness is not a Feeling makes a lot of sense on why we should forgive straight away even though it may take longer to heal ( Scroll down page to get to it after you click on the blue text above ) and he also explains why forgiveness does not make us doormats.

The sculpture below is called Hands Across The Divide and is just outside Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

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