When in Doubt , Sing

True for me . How about you ?

It makes me wonder what sort of songs Jesus and His disciples may have sung and Mary Magdalene, Mary His Mother, and Martha & Mary.

Just the sort of nice questions that I could ponder as I try and get to sleep at night.

Over to You 


claire said...

What a lovely title. I think I dance more than I sing, that is, I dance with those songs from the 60s and 70s that I have on my iPod which I use when I cook and clean...

claire said...

PS: I love your quote of Carl Jung... Invited or Uninvited God is present... how very true... Beautiful!!!

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for visit and comments.It is good to meet again. Yes, I love the Jung quote . I carry it in my heart and soul and it has stood me in good stead to remember it during many difficult situations in my life. I bought the Jung plaque some years ago in Dublin and it hangs on an outside wall in my garden but I could only get one in Latin (!) so I have to translate/explain to visitors but it has often been a great ice breaker for discussion.
I am interested that you choose dancing more than singing.We share the same era for songs. I occasionally have a "hairbrush day" when no-one is looking when I really let loose!!
(I have been over to your blog today and read your new post but need time to reflect so will post later - You are travelling deep this Lent !!)