Are We There Yet ?

Are you getting weary of Lent ?

I've done the guided week of prayer and the silent contemplations......................

I've listened to the Taize chants and the Miserere's ............................................

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet ?


claire said...

I think it is The Virtual Abbey that has a countdown calendar to Easter. Yesterday I saw there were 17 days left. So that makes 16 now.

Frankly, when I saw 17 days, I felt the end was really close, even a bit too close for me...

Thank you again for the 'liminal posts'. Thanks to you I realize that my night of darkness in the hospital after I was operated of breast cancer was a 'liminal' time.

Having a feel for what these times are (apart from the time around Christmas into the New Year, where I can feel Godde bending over to kiss the earth and all of us), I will now be able to look back at my life and recognize those moments.

I cannot thank you enough for this.

Blessings & love.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Claire,
I know you are off to a retreat this wekend so may not get this reply until Monday but thank you for the virtual calendar link. I will try and get a link to it here.
I am so pleased that you found the posts on liminal space useful.I too find it very relevant to so many experiences in my own life and that of others.
I hope your retreat is blessed with peace and hope.