Confession and Reconciliation

Around this time in Lent most of us Catholics will be thinking of going to individual confession or maybe a penitential service where you get a choice of visiting priests. Confession is also now stressed a lot more as the sacrament of reconciliation than in ye olden days where there was more emphasis on the sin than the reconciliation. Public confessions by the "stars" are all the craze these days and there is often a sense of schadenfraude about it.

Ronald Rolheiser on sin here gives a reflection on why we need confession
and here from the blog "This Excellent Absurdity" there is a lovely analogy of sins to scrambling eggs but a nice solution too.
and this article from the US Catholic magazine gives a comprehensive and up to date summary of how people feel about it all.
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ROBERTA said...

love your cartoons!

Jan said...

Wonderful cartoons, and I'm off to look at your links. Thanks.

Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks so much Roberta.I have missed you recently. and welcome and thanks to Jan also for your other comment on Michael Card which I have replied to separately on the relevant post