The Last Supper : The Eucharist and Washing of the Feet

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The Eucharist is a prayer of helplessness, a prayer for God to give us a unity we cannot give to ourselves.

It is not incidental that Jesus instituted it in the hour of his most intense loneliness, when he realized that all the words he had spoken hadn't been enough and that he had no more words to give.

When he felt most helpless, he gave us the prayer of helplessness, the Eucharist.
Our generation, like every generation before it, senses its helplessness and intuits its need for a messiah from beyond.
We cannot heal ourselves and we cannot find the key to overcome our wounds and divisions all on our own.
So we must turn our helplessness into a Eucharistic prayer, that asks God to come and do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, namely, create community, and we must go to the Eucharist for this same reason.
(Extract from Ronald Rolheiser : Column Archive: the Healing Embrace of The Eucharist.)
Washing of The Feet 


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