Recommended New Link

Fr. Paul Campbell over at People for Others a Loyola Press Jesuit Ministry website and blog has launched a new online venture called Other 6 and is looking for people to join.
It attempts to bring the core of the Ignatian Examen (”examination of consciousness”) online by asking people to respond to two questions: Where did you find God today? and/or Where do you need to find God today?
I regularly visit Paul's blog and it is a great read so please support him and sign up !!

You can read more about it here


Fran said...

I should be writing a paper on marriage prep in the contemporary parish, but this is much more interesting.

And I think that this is where I have found God today!

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Fran,

Life is like that isn't it?!!

Just when you SHOULD be doing something, something else comes along, but I am delighted !! Now you can get back to that marriage prep with an extra spring in your step.