Watch Out for The Mad March Hares


 Above : March Hare, by Laurence Watton Image Source

Most of us will have heard of the March Hare from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland, but it may surprise you to know that it also has a much older spiritual significance.
The three hares symbol is carved into village churches and other sacred sites from the Middle and Far East to the South West of England.
It can also seen in some of the oldest stained glass images in England. 
It is part of the medieval heritage of Europe and is also represented in Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

In mythology, it is an archetypal goddess symbol, a trickster symbol, a symbol of the Holy Trinity, a symbol of death, redemption and rebirth… 

A ceramic fragment from 12th Century Egypt

The Three Hares Project here is a site well worth a visit for a wealth of images and more information on the symbolic meaning in the different world religions.
I have never seen boxing hares.

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