What Would I have Done ?

I came across this by chance.  The last couple of verses are very powerful.

The ancient Hebrews were so tied by tradition they couldn’t recognize the Messiah
when he was right there in front of them, 
and he was crucified.

The disciples, who walked and worked with Christ,  
were very afraid of him;
they hoped, but they also doubted,
and they ran that night,
and he was crucified.

The common people mobbed him,
showed him their sicknesses and sores,
and they threw down an aisle of palms for him and sang to him,
and he was crucified.

His family was embarrassed, and stood outside,
and wished he’d come home,
and he was crucified. 

Would we crucify Jesus today?
It’s not a rhetorical question for the mind to play with. 
I believe,
We are each born with a body, a mind, a soul, and a handful of nails.

I believe,
When a man dies, no one has ever found any nails left,
clutched in his hands
or stuffed in his pockets.
From God is No Fool, Lois A. Cheney, Abingdon Press, 1969, pp. 40-41
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