Love Resurrection

There is no liturgy on Holy Saturday. 

We spend the day reflecting upon the powerful reality of Jesus' death.  
What is important is that we keep this day holy, and let our "sense" of the mystery of death shape our reflection, and our longing to celebrate the Easter gift of Jesus alive, for us and with us.

Creighton University has some useful online reflections in preparation for the Easter Vigil here

We wait for the The Easter Vigil  tonight.

Click here for short guide from Creighton University

The Paschal Candle will be lit from the fire

 animated-fire Pictures, Images and Photos

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1 comment:

claire said...

You know, Phil, the Vigil fire the first time I saw it reminded me so much of the Vedic fire I had seen while living in India -- as if so many liturgies went back to similar roots brought down in India, Canaan and Greece by the Aryan tribes...

Enjoy the Vigil tonight.

So many thanks for all your wonderful links, photos, suggestions!

Happy Easter!