Recent UK News on Pope's Visit .

What the leaders of the three main UK political parties said about the Pope's visit ( from The Times Online)
and Disgrace of Pope memo sent by UK Foreign Office here from Times  
and from the BBC here

All I can say is that priests are likely to get hotter still under their Roman Collars as the Pope's visit draws nearer  and we can expect more of the same . 
I don't think the Catholic Church is going to get an easy time of it in the lead up to the Pope's Visit. We live in interesting times. 

Remember this old motivational trope ?? 

When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. 

One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.

The visit later this year is an ideal opportunity for the Pope to pull something amazing from underneath his Papal hat and knock all those secular hit men for six!! 

My own belief  tells me that Christ bore the cost of evil on the Cross and it could not crush Him.

Yes, humans can be destroyed by wrongdoing, whether they are the perpetrators or the victims of it. 

But Jesus remembered in love both the Good Thief and the ones who were torturing him to death.
The cross is temporarily the story of a nightmare followed by the Easter Resurrection for those crushed by either trauma or guilt. 
We all have a past – but we also have a future that need not be a prisoner of the past.
The message of  Easter is one that tells not of failure but of human failure to destroy God's love of the world.
I just hope that the Pope's message is a good simple and crystal clear one that we will all be able to hear above the crowds clamouring cries for more crucifixions. Now there's a real challenge.
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