Bishop Jim Moriarty resigns as Bishop of Kildare and UK Church apologises

Click here to read the letter of resignation

and click here for BBC News on Catholic Bishops of England and Wales apology over sexual abuse and statement by Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols.
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Tim said...

Phil, while the road ahead for the Catholic Church is yet long and bumpy, as a Christian, the humility portrayed here fills me with godly pride. Bishop Moriarty, Archbishop Nichols, and their colleagues are to commended for their servant's humility. I credit them as true brothers in Christ.

Thanks for sharing; now may this light shine warmth and thaw hearts in Rome!


Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Tim,
It is great to have you visit and thank you for the comments. This is a step in the right direction and I agree with you that it gives us hope that these chinks of light can open up a space for even greater brightness to penetrate the darkness in my church.