Talk Talent and Talbot

 Across some three decades, John Michael Talbot has become one of the most popular and beloved Christian recording artists – selling over four million albums and selling out concerts around the world.

The man known as the “Troubadour for Christ” is in New York for a series of performances – and he stopped by at the Currents studio, for an interview.

There are two short videos shown:  the second is an in-studio performance of the song Holy is His Name.

The site won't allow embedding of the videos so please click on these links Video 1 for the interview  and Video 2 for the music performance

I like some of John Michael Talbot's music but when I was in a church music group many years ago we played his hymns /songs much faster than he does. It was years before I had the chance to hear the original music and even now I am always amazed at how slow it is.

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