Three Poems for Reflection

It's been a funny old week and I am tired. So finding these three poems was a bit of a gift, as they say far more for me than my own fumbling with words could do. Enjoy !!

I offer you this reflection:
In the nightmare landscape
when the darkness
hides the chink, the crack,
the seam, the glimmer of light
The dark place seems so dark
and hope is hard to maintain.
There seems no ending,
no escape.
The darkness pervades all.
Yet you have visited it
Your Friday and Saturday
were spent there.
The darkness did not overcome
your light.
In the nightmare landscape faith
draws from your Friday and Saturday,
And waits the glimmer of
Easter dawn.

(Photo of part of a sculpture entitled On The Bench by Mackenzie Thorpe)
Now Two More Poems which reflect some of my thoughts and being this last week.
The first one by A.S.J. Tessimond could be a conventional love poem and it also allowed me to link it to this Sunday's gospel. 

It catches the calm breath of confidence that Jesus gave people when they met Him. 
I thought it matched this Sunday's Gospel when Peter leaps out of the boat to join the risen Jesus who is waiting on the shore for the disciples. 
What a great moment for Peter to see his beloved Jesus again.  
This poem below seems to fit that rush of memory and exhiliration that Peter might have felt as they sat down to eat by the shore.

The last line conveys the desire that accompanies any great love : it always is expansive and propels us outwards in thanksgiving. True love is ultimately life-giving, always making us see how thankful we are.
When I first met you I knew I had come at last home,
Home after wandering, home after long puzzled searching,

Home after long being wind-borne, wave-tossed, night-caught,
Long being lost;

And being with you as normal and needful and natural
As sleeping or waking; and I was myself, who had never
been wholly myself; I was walking and talking and laughing
Easily at last;

And the air was softer and sounds were sharper
And colours were brighter and the sky was higher

And length was not measured by milestones and time was not measured by clocks….
And this end was a beginning…
And these words are the beginning of my thanks.


The last poem by Rumi  helps to remind me of the essential simplicity of love - it shows the essence of stripping away all that gets in the way of experiencing love - how love will always move us to freshness and life giving fulfillment, peace of mind and living hope.
Those who don’t feel this love pulling them like a river
Those who don’t drink dawn like a cup of spring water
or take sunset like supper

Those who don’t want to change
let them sleep…

This Love is beyond the study of theology that old trickery and hypocrisy
If you want to improve your mind that way sleep on.

I’ve given up on my brain I’ve torn the cloth to shreds and thrown it away.
If you’re not completely naked wrap your beautiful robe of words
around you and sleep.

~Jellaludin Rumi


claire said...

Beautiful, Phil!
I guess our states of mind have been similar.
A huge hug, claire

Meredith Gould said...

Ah, Rumi...What a wonderful way to end a "funny old week." Good thing about this week: discovered you and your blog. Blessed be!

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi to both Claire and Meredith.
I knew we were both in sync Claire!!. I read your blog post and was intrigued and will comment later. The time after Easter is recognised as a strange one for many reasons. I have been reading that in some spiritual cycles it is often paradoxically a state of restlessness and dryness and even doubt.( I'm not sure what to do with that though apart from hang in there as always !!)
I have just got back from St Ives. ( This is a lovely town in the West of Cornwall) by the seaside and very popular with people who will think nothing to drive five or six hours to get here and walk the quirky cobbled streets. The Porthminster Beach Cafe has just been voted No 1 beachside restaurant in the UK for this yeara and has won the award many times before. Colin and I often go down for the weekend and we enjoyed good food and wonderful sunshine. We also had a good evening with friends : you can't beat good food and conversation !! So with spirit restored I am back home again and found these two wonderful comments to greet me.

Thanks Meredith for being here and your encouraging comments fill me with hope. Thank you !!