Picasso Exhibition Peace and Freedom

A major new exhibition will launch at Tate Liverpool later week, with over 150 works by Pablo Picasso set to go on display. 
Picasso: Peace and Freedom is a fascinating new insight into the artist's life as a tireless political activist and campaigner for peace.

As it is Pentecost this Sunday here are a few of the dove paintings 

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ROBERTA said...

these are amazing...i especially like the 2nd one down. might have to snitch it :)

i didn't know picasso was a campaigner for peace. where have i been? thanks phil!

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta.
I knew of Guernica but I am not a great admirer of the way Picasso treated his women!!

claire said...

What a treat, Phil! I really like the fourth one.
love, claire