Conscience Formed or Uninformed ??

I was struck  by Fr. Austin Fleming's comment  at his blog A Concord Pastor Comments onJohn Kavanaugh's article in the current issue of America
Fr Austin says "it  is one of the most important pieces I've read in the last ten years.!" 
Wow!! I respect Fr. Austin greatly so this must be worth reading !!
I have done a quick read  but I'll get on and read it properly now (!) then reflect on it fully before I make any more comment. 
Anyone else fancy having a go ? 
It would be of great interest to have some thoughts.

Here is the extract Fr. Austin has posted
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Fran said...

I think that this piece is spot on... I am in the midst of a moral theology class, so this is the kind of thing that has been on my mind.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I think we are so geared to sound bytes now that we could not have a full discussion even were we to want to. Saw the article first at Fr. Austin's site. It is a good one.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi to Fran and Liz !! Thank you both for visting.
Fran, please enlighten me - I have never studied moral theology -any suggestions for further reading /websites on this would be much appreciated.
Liz, I agree with your comments and the general role of the media these days is often just to reinforce stereotypes and actually are keen to encourage the type of exchanges that give cheap shots !!