A New Pontifical Council for Countries where Sense of God is Being Eclipsed

Pope Benedict has announced the establishment of a new Pontifical Council for the promotion of New Evangelisation in countries "where the first proclamation of the faith already resounded" but are now "going through a progressive secularization of society and a sort of 'eclipse of the sense of God."

In response to the news, UK Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: "I welcome the establishment of the Pontifical Council for the promotion of New Evangelisation focussed on situations in which, even though the Christian Gospel has shaped an entire culture, there is now 'a kind of "eclipse of the sense of God".'

"This initiative identifies a challenge with which many in the Catholic Church, and many in other Christian communities, are familiar. New vitality, confidence and sensitivity are needed in order to propose afresh the great gift of the Christian faith, which serves our humanity and brings such joy to everyday life. This faith is not a theory, nor an ideology, nor a political agenda. It is knowledge and love of the person of Jesus Christ who, for those who accept him, becomes the Way the Truth and the Life.

"We look forward to cooperating with this new Pontifical Council when it begins its important work."
My reflections ..
I'm thinking well then, the balloons gone up but will it be filled with just more hot air that  
floats into the atmosphere.... I hope not ...   

Is this another oblique means of blaming laity,   especially in Europe and the U.S.,   for the sins/crimes of the ordained leaders of the Church. ?   .... I hope not......
Perhaps it is the Vatican and its hierarchy of ordained who are in need of some “new evangelization”. I hope so......
I hope Pope Benedict will focus on the dysfunctional system of governance in the Roman Curia and re evangelise themselves.
 I am getting tired of the Vatican treating the laity as errant children who lack any moral compass.
Sometimes it feels that all we get these days is yet more papal “think-tanks” ... The Big Daddy parent teaching us to only pray,   pay   and   obey…  
Let us pray...............................................and again and again.....................................................

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claire said...

Right on, Sister. I could not have said it better.

When will the Vatican face the truth and finally come up with the same conclusion that Pogo had during the Nixon years: "We have met the enemy, and he is us"

Colin Matthews said...

Tell me who is that behind the Bar-B-Cue?
Great picture, it reminds me of a scene at The Porthminster Beach last week, others were having a Bar_b-Cue as well, but not in Fancy Dress, well I dont know.

Colin Matthews said...

I know in the news it said in June House Prices went up, now on seeing this I believe it !

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Claire,
Great to hear from you.
Forgive my ignorance but who was/is Pogo?!
On the new council,until we see who is heading it I suppose I should be less sceptical/more hopeful- must be my age !!

Meredith Gould said...

I am so with you on this one, but then I'm usually with you on everything. What has me particularly steamed is how evangelization is being touted by a bureaucracy that has yet to use social media wisely or well to accomplish these goals.

TheraP said...

What an amazing blog you have here!


Blessings upon you.

Philomena Ewing said...

Greetings Meredith,
The comments you make on the social media are interesting- I think it is potentially one of the most important issues that the church has yet to really embrace fully. It seems as if the powers that be go into automatic pilot on anything innovative that they can't control but which society races away with. They fall into "thou shalt and shalt not"way too easily and issue edicts which makes me feel as if their whole emphasis is to police it. Hardly surprising because the curia are not used to instant moment to moment interactive feedback !!
Nevertheless there are some shining examples out there of good use from individuals and organisations. It is not easy to get it right because it is always a moving object and I am not sure how "soul" and sacred and contemplation can always be done beautifully in this medium myself so we all need educating and plenty more exemplars !! Thanks for making me think about it.

To TheraP
Great to have you visit and thank you for your encouraging comments !!