A Prickly Encounter

Tonight at about 11 pm as I was putting out the rubbish I heard a rustling and snorting from a pile of leaves  near a hedge in my garden.
A young hedgehog appeared and was pushing  another one which was rolled up out of the hedge and into my path. The first hedgehog then dashed back into the hedge to return to its foraging.
At first I thought the ball shaped one was damaged or even dead but after a few minutes it's beautiful perky little face appeared and it too scuttled back under the hedge.

I don't know if they were playing or looking for a drink as it has been a hot day here and a muggy night.
So I left a bowl of water for them and some tiny pieces of chicken and hope that they come back .
What a privilege and a lovely treat to see these adorable animals that have declined in recent years,

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