An Award !!

I am delighted to discover that I have been awarded this from Claire Bangasser at A Seat at The Table  who has also received an award from her fellow blogger Barbara at Barefoot Toward The Light., who has in turn also received the award. 
Both these people are fully deserving  as their sites are ones I enjoy so much and I have learnt much from them.

Like Claire I feel like when I was at school all over again . However , there are conditions attached to the award.

I have to list 10 things I I love and pass on the award to 10 of my favourite blogs.

Claire and Barbara are already on my list and Claire has already chosen  Fran's There Will be Bread and Tim's Straight Friendly so as these are two that I would also include,  I have SIX left.

Here are THREE of my favourite blogs . I love you all so grab that logo now !!
Fr. Austin Fleming at A Concord Pastor Comments,
Roberta at Spiritually Directed, 
Thom at Ad Dominum,

I will pick the remaining three by the end of next week as I don't want to rush it !!

Now for those Ten Things I Love
  • My partner Colin - He is the one that fills my heart with laughter, kindness and my days of life with love. We have been together 18 years and have trodden the peaks and troughs of life together . He knows me better than anyone else. Like the words of the song say, " God Only Knows Where I would Be Without You ! "
  • Spain . I love the country and it's people . It always gives more than it takes !!
  • Donkeys - They are splendid  animals and I adore their personality.They are funny, sad, wistful, stubborn, spontaneous and if I had the space, energy and money I would own some.
  • Travel - One of the gifts that have blessed my life - I have met so many great people and seen beautiful sights that fill my memory.
  • Reading - I can lose myself in a book any time
  • The Sea - I am blessed to live in Cornwall with a coastline that is staggering in its beauty.
  • Swimming  - I have rheumatoid arthritis and it soothes those aching joints and makes me feel so much better.
  • Silence. - That precious , sacred and vital space to allow a place for my God to meet me
  • Sunshine- I am a summer babe and without it for any length of time  I get very cranky
  • Sleep- because it is still a mystery and I can never describe what it feels like but it is sooooooooooooooh good !!


ROBERTA said...

Thank you Phil! And the award says it so well as "I Love Your Blog!"

Tim said...

Congratulations, Phil! It seems we're all tripping over each other to express our enthusiasm for each other's work. That's nice.

I love what you do here so much. It never fails to strengthen and delight me. The honor couldn't be more deserved!


ConcordPastor said...

Phil - thank you SO MUCH for this kind accolade! As you know from the place your page enjoys on my sidebar,
I'm a great fan of your blog as well.

I've been involved in these friendly award circles before and have passed on my good wishes to others in the past. In light of that, I won't be sending this on to ten other blogs. But that doesn't diminish my gratitude for being one of your 10 recipients!