Come Back to Me

Prompted by reading Claire's beautiful post and a comment from A Seat at The Table  based on the OT readings from Hosea which are here in yesterday's liturgy from the Mass of the day.   Thank you Claire !!
One of my favourite hymns based on Hosea.........
Composer, Gregory Norbet, performs his song "Hosea (Come Back to Me)" in concert on Cape Cod. See more: . This song dates to the early 1970s when Gregory was a monk in the Weston Priory in Vermont. He is still composing wonderful spiritual music today.


claire said...

Thank you for the mention, Phil!

Barbara said...

That was lovely to hear Gregory Norbet sing this beautiful hymn.

At the time he wrote this, I believe he was a monk at Weston Priory in Vermont. I used to visit that monastery once in a while to attend Mass in their large barn which is more suitable than their regular chapel for the crowds they attract during the summer months. The monks do dialog homilies, sing songs they have composed, and they dance. It is quite an experience to go there. They are also involved in the sanctuary movement, harbouring Latin American refugees.

Philomena Ewing said...

Dear Barabara,
I am delighted you enjoyed this too as I know it holds special memories for you.
That you have been to the actual Priory makes it even more important to me now too ! I had no idea that it is such a special place for people to visit and it sounds a brilliant place .
I have never heard of dialogue sermons in the UK and the thought of dancing monks is just delightful ! Fascinating - thank you so much for this.

Barbara said...

Their dance is usually a circle, folky kind of dance. I have seen them dance after Mass. The only quibble is that their Masses tend to have the flavour of a performance. If you Google Weston Priory, I am sure you will get to their website.