Doors and Prayer Part Two

Continuing reflections on The Symbolism of Doors and Prayer .... first part was here
The metaphor of  a door provides a symbolic way of identifying who we envision ourselves to be and how we currently experience life. 
It also helps us name how we are in relationship with God. 

Below are paraphrased extracts from Joyce Rupp's book Open The Door to help reflect

Going to Mass, and if you are lucky enough to find silence in a busy life can open important new doors . 
But first we have to open the door of our heart. 
What does the door of our heart look like ?
It can change from day to day, even from hour to hour. 

Is it transparent- Can people look through and find authenticity there ?
Does it keep out others or does it signify strength to live the courage of one's convictions?

Is it a revolving door with no direction, going round in circles due to a hectic schedule, our personality trait or external circumstances that keep us in perpetual motion?

Is the door to our heart opaque and /or padlocked  so that no-one can see inside, no-one can gain entrance?
Is the door of our heart thin and fragile needing to be carefully opened ?
Too much pressure or stress, an unplanned or uncontrolled life event might cause the delicate door  to shatter.

What kind of message hangs on the door of our heart.?
It might be something like
Enjoy Your Stay, 
Room Service, 
Enter at Your Own Risk, 
Do not Disturb, 
No Trespassing, 
No Longer At This Address, 
Wipe your Feet.


Dear God, Companion of my life,
many are the turns and tumbles 
of my ever changing life
As I find my way on the journey to You
I trust that Your abiding presence
will guide and guard me.
I open the door of my heart to You.
I open the door.

Any more thoughts you would like to add will be most welcome !!

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