Fr.James Alison

 Today I came across a person I have not heard of before called Fr. James Alison, priest, theologian and writer and this led to this link where he is participating in the John Main Seminar, entitled The Shape of God’s Affection on 5-8 August in Canterbury this year in England. It is designed to broaden and deepen the teaching of Christian meditation.It brings together those drawn to a spiritual approach to contemporary issues. and then I came across this video of Fr. Alison  below.

He is an excellent speaker and it is very funny in parts and also quite heartwarming.

 ( See update below)

Here are the rest of the videos as mentioned above.
If you click on this link it will take you to the separate videos for this talk and you can watch them in sequence. It seems easier to to do it this way rather than try and put all the videos on my blog. I have not viewed all of them myself yet and I think that there are also other speakers apart from Fr.Alison in the seminar which I have not heard yet, so I can't vouch for the content or quality on these.
If you don't want to view the videos  here is a link to the text of the talk  above given by Fr. James which is taken  from his website here

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