Overcoming Polarisation in The Church

This article posted August 16th  by John L.Allen Jr from the NCR plus the ensuing comments is worth a read.

Below is the opening section of the article to give you a flavour...........

"Overcoming polarization in the church often feels like the Catholic equivalent of bringing peace to the Middle East.
Everybody pays lip service to it, and from time to time some bold new initiative is rolled out, but longtime combatants who have watched such efforts come and go generally feel in their bones that the reality is permanent war.
If peace is going to break out, therefore, it probably won’t be those veterans who make it happen.
That’s more or less the instinct behind the Fordham Conversation Project, a group of younger Catholic theologians that wants to think beyond the polarization in American Catholic life. I spent part of this past weekend in the Bronx with roughly 17 young Catholic intellectuals brought together under the project’s rubric."

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Fran said...

I read that too... I am pretty obsessed myself with how we can come together.