How Will They Know ?

I came across this article today in America Magazine by John F. Kavanaugh, S.J.,  a Professor of Philosophy at St. Louis University in St. Louis which I would like to share with you. 
It has the title " How Will They Know ?"

These are the opening paragraphs below and you can read the remainder of the article here. 
For some reason the the article is dated 13th September 2010 so he is an early bird !!

"In his encyclical “Deus Caritas Est,” ( God is Love),  Pope Benedict XVI joins “the ministry of charity” in proclaiming the word of God and celebrating the sacraments as the expression of the church’s “deepest nature.” 

What is more, charity, which Benedict equates with love, is called the “indispensable expression” of the church’s very being.

These are inspiring words addressed to everyone in the Catholic Church. But there is a problem: the words are often not matched by reality. 

To be sure, there are armies of known and nameless Catholics who powerfully witness to love. There are many devoted clerics and vibrant parishes and spiritual movements. Most of us, we can hope, have even had our own high moments, expressive of charity.

The encyclical's inspiring words are often not matched by the reality.
But we should be honest with ourselves, especially when considering the church as institution and how it is perceived in the world. Are we known by our love?".............

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In a week that culminates with this Sunday's  gospel of the parable of the prodigal son  it is a nice coincidence that 

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