Listen to Mark Dowd BBC Radio 4 programme

In a previous post I mentioned a couple of upcoming programmes dealing with Pope Benedict's state visit to the UK from 16th -19th September. 

Now due to improved web wizardry people everywhere can listen to it anytime.

I heard it this morning and was impressed by the wide ranging views sought and expressed and the analysis by Mark Dowd was pretty balanced so I can  recommend it to you.

Click here which is the link to the BBC Radio 4 programme "The Popes British Divisions" broadcast presented by Mark Dowd today Thursday 9th September where you can listen to it in full.
While I'm here I may as well give you  the BBC Radio 4 complete schedule for the Pope's visit that is now available. Click here for the link to all the programmes 

Meanwhile Mark Lawson writing  in today's Guardian feels that the media will have to steer a tight path to get it right for this visit. Click here for brief article

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