On holiday

I will be away on holiday from this Monday 27th September until Friday 8th October so there will be no new posts until I return. 
In the meantime  I wish Blessings and peace to all my friends and those who visit this blog .
I am looking forward to reading my new book whilst on holiday.
It is by Hans Kung called What I Believe. I have always been an admirer of Hans Kung since my teenage years and although he has his critics I enjoy reading his thoughts and ideas and feel he is a kindred spirit in many ways.
On the introductory fly leaf it says that Hans Kung is one of the most celebrated theologians of the present day,  has an audience which is strong within his own Roman Catholic Church and is equally solid among Christians of other denominations, among those outside the churches and among those at thr frontiers of organised religion. From the start he has been a rebel, being Swiss and a lover of personal  freedom. Many of his books have rocked the Papal boat.
Kung has published two volumes of his memoirs and this one is a more personal book to explain his own beliefs.
It poses the question  " If one sets aside  all scientific knowledge and learning, all formal theological language and the skilful construction of theories, what remains at the core of faith ?
It also asks these questions : 
What do we need for our lives ?
What is indispensable to us ?
Kung writes of trust in life, joy in life, and suffering in life and in so doing gives us a summa of his own faith - and life.
If I find out the answers to all these questions whilst I am away I will tell you on my return !!  
Meanwhile, I pose the same challenging  questions to you too and hope my comments box is full of answers on my return home !
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Fran said...

Have a great trip and enjoy Kung!

ConcordPastor said...

Have a great time, Phil - we'll be looking forward to reading your book report upon your return!

Barbara said...

Have a wonderful holiday and come back renewed and refreshed!

I once attended a lecture by Kueng. My impression is that he has a great intellect and an ego to match. The latter does not bother me so much. I long ago read two books by him: On Being a Christian and Eternal Life?. The book you will be reading sounds even more interesting.

Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks for all the good wishes from you lovely people.
Kung is complex as a person and I agree that his ego gets in the way sometimes but then doesn't it for all of us ? He has been a harsh critic of the current Pope but in a recent interview he made it clear that he does not dislike Pope Benedict personally which is good to hear. I know I changed my mind about Benedict the person when he came to the UK but that does not alter my stance on some issues !!
Anyway, take care everyone and look forward to hearing from you when I come back.

claire said...

Have a great vacation, Phil! Looking forward to your blog alive again when you return!

Rae said...

I hope that you are having a wonderful vacation, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on Kung when you return! I've been curious about him for a while, but never read *anything* of his.