Papal Visit.: Getting Ready and What's Cooking ?

The pope mobile is ready and waiting...

The Pope is due to begin his visit on Thursday, 16  September  in Edinburgh where he will be received by the Queen before celebrating  Mass at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.
What could give him a greater Scottish welcome than a new tartan  created in honour of this historic visit,  chock full of symbolism?

Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien unveils
St Ninian's Day Tartan in Edinburgh

White line on blue field: Scotland's National colours 
Green - for lichens growing on stones of Whithorn in  GaIloway where St Ninian first brought the gospel  to  Scottish shores over 1,600 years ago.  
White lines with red lines - the colours of Cardinal Newman's  crest  
Yellow lines with the white -  Vatican 
Each white line on the green contains exactly eight threads, one for  each Catholic diocese in Scotland.
There are 452 threads in the design from pivot to pivot,  representing the number of Catholic parishes.
Surprisingly it was designed by an American -- Matthew Newsome, who just so happens  to be the director of the Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, N.C. 
What else is cooking ?

Also of interest: in the booklet Magnificat, with all the liturgies and events of the papal visit issued to all parishes it says that the Pope "by custom, never attends official dinners and so after the evening events will return to the Apostolic Nunciature .
By custom, a State banquet /official dinner is always part of a State Visit and so the official dinner will be hosted by ministers for the members of the papal entourage only."
I wonder Is this because of the pope's age ?- his schedule is certinly full and at the age of  83 years I admire his stamina, but no reason is given and I find it strange that he chooses not to participate in this event. 
Does anyone know the reason ?

Come to that will Eggs Benedict  be on the Papal menu for anyone this week ?? ( Sorry , I couldn't resist that one.)
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