Questions On Papal Visit and Following The UK Media

I would like to share with you some thoughts from John Allen  Jnr over at the National Catholic Reporter who has been "receiving phone calls and e-mails  from colleagues in Scotland and England in the last few days, seeking a sound-bite for whatever curtain-raising piece they have to do " on the Papal Visit to the UK from 16-19th September.
John Allen says :
"In the spirit of feeding the media beast, I'll present my answers to the four most common questions I've received about the trip.
By no means does this add up to a comprehensive analysis of the most important points. 
Instead, it's a window into the questions reporters are asking, which may preview themes likely to loom large in media coverage."

 The four questions Allen deals with in his article are :
1. Is this the most challenging trip of Benedict's papacy?
2. Overall, what do you expect?
3. Will the sex abuse crisis overshadow the trip?
4. What's Benedict's agenda for the trip?
You can read the full article and his reponses to the questions here.
I have put a few links below  to recent articles from a few prominent UK publications ( I DO NOT necessarily endorse the views in these articles) to show a variety of UK media responses in the lead up to the Pope's visit.

Two articles from The Guardian: this one is the editorial from The Guardian dated Monday 6th September and this one 
by Madeleine Bunting .
From the Daily Telegraph 7th September
and another from Damian Thompson, Editor of Blogs and Religion correspondent also in The Daily Telegraph

and this one from the tabloid newspaper The  Mirror

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