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A previous post mentioned that the new English translations  for the Roman Missal  have not yet reached the shores of the UK but the USA are steaming ahead with changes imminent on the horizon. 

On 30 April 2010 the Holy See gave its recognition to what was thought to be the final text, while on 20 August the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released an updated version of the Ordinary with confirmation that Americans will start using it in Advent 2011. 
Yet the text is apparently still being revised in Rome. Matters remain unclear and there are problems about what counts as a good translation.

This link takes you to the new musical settings for the Mass  with samples to listen to.

World Library Publications has previews available online of both re-worked, re-translated settings of the Mass, and new settings composed specifically with the new translation. Definitely worth a look.

Also have a look at this website Gotta Sing Gotta Pray
for current news and developments about the new translation process, from Jerry Galipeau
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