Do I Want To Belong, Or Do I Want To Be Transformed?

 These should keep me busy for a day or two........................................

"It seems to me what religion has often become is a belonging system or a mere belief system, both of which ask very little of us…

Membership questions largely become a negotiation of who’s in and who’s out, who’s worthy, who’s unworthy, who’s right and who’s wrong. 

This appeals very much to our ego’s control needs, and our ego’s need to feel worthy, to feel superior, and to feel a part of a superior group.  

All are lamentable substitutes for actual transformation into the Mystery of God."

From Richard Rohr’s Question of the Day

"A discipline won’t bring you closer to God.
Only God can bring you closer to Himself. 
What the discipline is meant to do is to help you get yourself, your ego, out of the way so you are open to His grace."
~James Kushiner
H/T to Scott Dodge  for Kushiner quote

Irish Blessing

May God give you..

.For every storm a rainbow.... 

for every tear a smile, 

for every care a promise

and a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends, 

a faithful friend to share, 

for every sigh a sweet song 

and an answer for each prayer.”


Anonymous said...

Love this post. Tranformation - sometimes it that clay and the potter. Beautiful picture of the rainbow, the promise. Thanks for this.

claire said...

Great quote, Phil! I love the Irish blessing. I can think of several friends that could really use it at this time.
Thank you.

As for transformation vs. belonging... I am tempted to write a clever pirouette but will refrain. Instead, like you, I will meditate on the option :-)