Friday 12th November, 2010 Lot's Wife.

Today's Mass Scripture Readings can be found here
The Gospel relates the well known story of Lot's wife leaving the doomed city of Sodom and Gomorrah, being warned not to look back and being turned into a pillar of salt because of course , she did look back !!

Joke for the day...........

Johhny was listening to the parable of Lot's wife and after a moment of thought he said:
"My Mum was driving the car and she looked back too and she turned into a lampost !"
Here we are bang in the middle of the month of November , the month of Remembrance, the month of All Souls and All Saints , all steering our focus into the past and now we have this shift......... Don't Look Back ! 

So what is the message ?  .... Just thinking...... 
There is a time and a place for remembering but if  we are stuck in the past the smooth running salt of life won't be able to move us forward and so we end up as a solid rock of salt.
We are told not to look back, not to spend time rubbing salt into the wounds of regrets.... the what if.... if only's .... and all the things that are lost in the past , regrets, mistakes, wrongdoings.

For we can all make ourselves into dried up stinging pillars of encrusted salt .

Move forward is the message !

 On a wider scale of thought...
 the world is full of disasters and mass death and maybe if we dwell on these to the point where we become fixated and unable to move beyond that fear of ever present disaster it will ultimately petrify and suck any life and hope out of us.

In the pouring out of our lives we have to follow the way of the cross.

It isn't easy to leave the past behind.

But there is the "kindly light of Christ to lead us on."


claire said...

I like your thoughts on letting go of the past. On the other hand, you make me want to find out the feminist way of looking at Lot's wife...

I really like your post, Phil. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I like this post - great wisdom about Lot's wife. I think that as soon as open our hands to let go God takes it away and then fills those empty hands with his blessings.

Philomena Ewing said...

Greetings Claire and Andie,always good to have you visit.
Claire : Yes, I believe I am a feminist too !! The photo of the woman pouring salt over herself came from a feminist interpretation/dance production done in the US some years ago. There was not a lot of info on it but there was a clip on you tube. I will be interested if you can add to the story.
Many thanks Claire.
Andie -I like the thought of opening the hand and then God filling it with blessings- thanks