Jeremiah Tell me About The Fire

I had this as a draft and meant to post this on 5th November , Bonfire Night but forgot ! 

This beautiful piece is by Sara Groves.
The lyrics are below the video.
I have to link to it as it is not available on You tube  so click here.
Jeremiah tell me about the fire
That burns up in your bones
I want to know
I want to know more now
The burning of ambition and desire
It never could come close
To that fire
To that fire

I was looking to myself
And I forgot the power of God
I was standing with a sparkler in my hand
While I stood so proud and profound
You went and burned this whole place down
Now that’s a fire
I was caught up in this vice
And it’s power to entice
I was dwelling on my hopelessness and doubt
With the slightest invitation
You came with total detonation
Now that’s a fire
I was warming my hands by this little light of mine
but now I know it’s time
time to come in from the cold
Fight fire with fire, come fan the flame
come stir up these coals in my soul, in my soul
till it burns out of control

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