Moving Memoirs: Heather King

A while ago, the splendid Fr. Austin Fleming at A Concord Pastor Comments chose this blog , Shirt of Flame by Heather King as a  Link of The Day. 

I have since discovered that Heather is a well known writer in the USA  and I can recommend this link  to one of the  finest  and most moving pieces of writing on faith  I have ever read.

It is raw, honest and powerful writing and she is the author of  three volumes of her memoirs, the first called Parched and the most recent titled Redeemed. and the forthcoming Shirt of Flame : A year with St.Therese of Lisieux.

Heather has also been gracious to post on her blog  a  full video  
of the November 1st panel for the USC Professional Writer's Program entitled "Faith and the Writer: Inspiration and Practice."  
You can also access this via You Tube here 

As I live in the UK with no chance of attending something like this it is a real gift to be able to access such a resource. Thanks Heather !
I am looking forward to watching it ! 

Thanks too to Fr. Austin for providing the link!

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