Quote From The Smiling Pope

"It is the inalienable right of man to own property. 

But, it is the inalienable right of no man to accumulate wealth beyond the necessary and ignore the basic human needs of little children . . ." -  

John Paul I audience 27 Sep 78, ". . . Believe me, one day, we who live in opulence, while so many are dying because they have nothing, will have to answer to Jesus as to why we have not carried out His instruction, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ 

We, the clergy of the Church together with our congregations, who substitute gold and pomp and ceremony in place of Christ’s instruction, who judge our masquerade of singing His praises to be more precious than human life, will have the most to explain.”

       by Albino Luciano:
He became known as  "The Smiling Pope" ,  Born 1912 and was
Pope John Paul I  for only  33 days from 26 August to 28 September 1978.

“. . . Like a shimmering white light, he rose up from the mud in the street and left no one untouched.

For those of us at the top, from heads of churches, to leaders of nations, to those of great scientific achievement, he was the Enlightener - the Imitation of the Holy Ghost.

For those of us at the bottom, from the poor, to the homeless,
 to the handicapped, to the oppressed, he was the Redeemer -
 the Imitation of Christ.

Above all, he was the best of men.” 

Cardinal Leon Joseph Suenens, Archbishop of Brussels;  the final tribute at the funeral for his dear friend.

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