Seasons and Changing Sensations

Image- Autumn Evening by Ferdinand Hodler from here.

When the clocks go back and the evenings start to come earlier I notice a distinct change inside me; it is a slow but definite move, a drawing inward, and yet I also feel a heightened sense of appreciation of nature occurs, but my senses are acutely tuned in a way that that is very different from my love of the summer sun.

If you can relate to that then you may be interested in this article from today's Independent by Michael McCarthy  (Saturday, 6th November) which confirms and expands on this natural state of being.

The opening part of it has this to say : 
"Melancholy can mean outright depression or dejection, but the word does have a range of overtones and what I mean in the context of September, October and November, and how we feel about the period, is a sort of sadness which is not entirely unwelcome; a sort of sober, slowing-down of the spirit, leaving us much given to reflection............................
But for anyone capable of looking up from their screen, for anyone in the slightest way alive to the rhythms of the natural world and its sights and sounds and smells, autumn has a peculiar personality of its own which is powerfully attractive. "
Intrigued ?

You can read the rest of the article here.
Fr. Austin Fleming at A Concord Pastor Comments also has a wonderful series of great Autumn Reflections of a Sacramental Nature which as always are well worth a read. 

Click here to read them.

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Anonymous said...

It's funny. I think more people write about autumn than any other season. I wonder why that is. Perhaps one reason is because it represents change and we are so resistant to that. There could be many other reasons...interesting to think about.