Seeing Red in the Vatican

This week the Pope appointed 24 new cardinals in Rome in a consistory .
i.e  a formal meeting of the College of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church held in the Vatican City. 
Those new cardinals and "Princes of the church"  were presented with their rings...

Which one of these is the correct
one ? !

Cardinals also receive  new scarlet  zuccheti (small skullcaps), 

The Pope's zucchetto is white; the cardinals' zucchetti are scarlet; the bishops' zucchetti are violet. 
Priests may use a black cloth zucchetto for everyday wear, but not during the liturgy. 
 Cardinals also receive biretti (four-cornered silk hats) from the Pope.

They used to get an elaborate broad-brimmed tasseled hat, the galerum rubrum, at the ceremony, but Pope Paul VI abolished this in 1967 and those cardinals who want these obtain them privately from a maker in Rome. 

The zucchetto, the biretta, and the galerum rubrum are all scarlet, the distinctive colour of cardinals' vestments, signifying  their willingness to shed blood for the church  ....
( that is a little unclear to me : whose blood would that be - their own or that of others or both ?)

When a diocesan cardinal dies, his galerum rubrum is suspended from the ceiling of his cathedral. 

At the consistory cardinals are generally assigned titular churches in the diocese of Rome, though Paul VI abolished their functional involvement in the governance of these churches; the cardinals formally "take possession" of these churches at a later date. 
Meanwhile if you think that this one is a jolly Papal Christmas hat you are wrong .

The camauro is an extra-liturgical headdress made of red velvet and lined with ermine or white swan feathers, used by the popes during the winter releases because, unlike the skull, this hat protects the head and ears from the cold.

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