Spiritual Rhythm

Christian faith is always embodied, down-to-Earth and real and so we have  these "seasons" both literally and figuratively in our lives and year on year we move through them and try to make sense of them in our day to day ordinary lives.

In  Mark Buchanan's  book, Spiritual Rhythm, he says:

"Eternity hides beneath the guise of each season's beauty. 

That beauty is eternity's sleight of hand, the trick it uses to bedazzle and bewilder us, to take our hearts' longing and make it appear and disappear right before our very eyes.  
You think you crave the summer of '69, or whatever summer you were young and in love. But that summer was only a dress rehearsal for what your heart really wants: heaven.

The everlasting flits beneath earth's swiftly fading beauty. 
God sets eternity in our hearts, and it tells us not to despair of the burden. 
It warns us not to be overcaptivated by the beauty. 
For though we want the burden lifted and the beauty prolonged, God has an infinitely better idea: that the Man for All Seasons would walk with us in season and out...."

What always amazes me is that God can be head over heels in love with this beautiful and wretched world.

Maybe that is why the month of November stirs us up so much , because it lays open our restlessness ....

Maybe if we take the time to listen, we can hear Heaven whispering in the burden God lays on us.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of our lives, the rhythm of our souls...the eternal. We search and search everywhere on earth, but what we are ultimately searching for cannot be found in the temporal. Great post.

Philomena Ewing said...

Welcome Andie and thanks for your comments.
It's not easy is it ?!