Who is Father Guido Sarducci ? Update and Benediction Speech

Since writing this post below I have found that Fr Guido's real name is Don Novello and is a well loved comedy legend across the pond and even beyond and so for anyone who lives in a cave like me here are some more links and information on a really funny man.

His website is here 

This recent photo below shows his appearance at A Rally To Restore Sanity/and or Fear in Washington on 30th October which drew over 250,000 people and Fr Guido gave  "Benediction". 
The dual rally, a blend of activism and comedy was planned by US comic Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert , two of America's best known satirists and was a thinly veiled dig at right-wing US icon Glenn Beck's recent "Restore America" march on Washington's grassy esplanade known as the National Mall and was a welcome antidote to the ugly political mood polarizing America in the run-up to mid-term elections last month.
There are several videos of Fr Guido's speech but annoyingly, due to copyright restrictions I can't seem to embed them on my blog... but I will persevere.

Meanwhile, here are a few excerpts from the Benediction Prayer

"...as long as I have your attention God, if I could ask you something - one question we would like to know. You know on Earth we have many different religions, different beliefs and everybody thinks that they're the right one. So if you could give us some sign what is the right religion. You know a rainbow, some swans could fly in whatever, you know use your imagination, I'm ya know telling you...what. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go over the religions, the names of them, and when I come to the when that says yes thats the right one, then do it, ya know, if you like, please.

Ok... Methodist

(some cheers from the crowd)

Ya know I don't think cheering is, is the sign ya know, and uh... I know you might be Methodist and try to influence God. But I don't think lobbying, I know this is Washington, but still I don't think so.



(skipping ahead)

"Buddhism.... maybe nothing is the sign for Buddhism"


"Well God, I don't know your schedule, but, uh, I imagine you must be pretty busy, you got the whole world in your hand and all that stuff. 

But before I go, I just wanna say God, eh, on behalf of all of us, thank you for making the universe. And thank you for giving us all the good things, like trees, and animals ... dogs, especially thank you for dogs. 

And thank you for all of the good things that we do in your name, like charity and eh forgiveness, thats an idea we would never come up with, that's for sure. You know that better than anybody, so on behalf of all of us thank you very much, and wereally mean it, Amen.

This was my original post !!
Whilst browsing for inspiration I came across these clips - 
I have no idea who this person is or when he appeared on television first. 
All I know is that Father Guido Sarducci is a fictional priest and these two short video clips are very funny.

The first video links in a humorous way to this Sunday's Scripture readings about the resurrection and what life after death will be like and the second casts a wry look at University education and is relevant to the UK situation re the proposed huge increases in University fees
Incidentally, there is  a "host " of other topics from "Father Guido on You Tube  which I have yet to explore.

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Austin Fleming said...

Like candy corn (sorry, I couldn't resist!) Fr. Guido Sarducci is an American treat who traces his origins to Saturday Night Live. If I recall correctly, he also did stand-up in clubs and perhaps on the college circuit. SNL is still on the air but I don't think Fr. S still appears on the show.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Fr. Austin.

That's sweet (!).
I am delighted you came by.

I was wondering at his clerical garb- is he meant to be a Jesuit of the Spanish Inquisition ?

Colin Matthews said...

ese tio es muy lisio ! ! !