The Art of Cornwall

Click here to see a wonderful TV programme from the BBC on The Art Of Cornwall, the beautiful place where I live. 

It will probably only be available to view for a few more days so now is your only chance. ( 1 hour 28 mins)


Colin Matthews said...

There is a Cornish Story that if a maiden crawls pass through the hole in the stone - they will be come pregnant.

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. My first thought when I saw it was lol. It made me smile...even God has a sense of humor.

Philomena Ewing said...

Colin,my handsome, that must be the Cornish version of the Annunciation then..

I'm a bit lost here Andie. What exactly was it that made you smile ?

Anonymous said...

It looked like the letters lol - people use those initials as 'Laugh Out Loud'. God's text message to

Philomena Ewing said...

I must be blind Andie-of course it is lol!!

( I DO know what lol means :-), but I never even saw it in this photo.

But that is what God is like too, always there but often we are just blind.
Thanks do much for this- I will try this out on some Cornish people and see if they miss out on it too !!